Made in Sweden
QuickFill is a Swedish produced ice cream cup filler for professional ice cream production.
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Expand your business
Filling capacity approx. 2,5 kg/min*
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Easy to use
The Quick Fill ice cream filler is compact, user friendly, ergonomic and easy to clean.
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Cup filling machine from Repro

Quick Fill is an automatic table top cup filler for professional ice cream production. 

Quick Fill is efficient, ergonomic, easy to use and can help you reach new ways of increasing your business volumes!

  • Keeps the high quality and structure of the ice cream filled in the cup
  • You can use the same recipe and settings that you always use
  • Quick Fill is a compact table top unit, easy to use and clean
  • Very efficient – approx. 2,5 kg/min filling capacity (500 ml cups) *
  • Touch display with different speed settings
  • Ensures hygiene


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